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WELCOME to the Chinese Dictionary Compendium

With more than 120 volumes and databases, the Chinese Dictionary Compendium houses the largest collection of high-quality dictionaries and reference works in modern and traditional Chinese. This includes a revised and extended digital edition of the most important Chinese dictionary, the Hanyu Da Cidian (Chongxin Paiban) 漢語大詞典(重新排版). Additionally, it contains one of the most comprehensive datasets of Chinese characters available on the internet, meeting the highest scientific standards. The wealth of resources and accessibility offered by the Compendium make it an ideal companion for study and scholarly work in Chinese Studies. It also serves as an invaluable reference for Chinese language learners and enthusiasts of Chinese literature and history.
The Compendium
Alongside the Hanyu Da Cidian (Chongxin Paiban) 漢語大詞典(重新排版), the Compendium includes a digital edition of the Kangxi Zidian (Biaodian Zhengliben) 康熙字典(標點整理本), other general and specialised dictionaries such as the Xiandai Hanyu Da Cidian 现代汉语大词典 or the Zhongguo Gujin Diming Da Cidan 中国古今地名大词典, and complete series such as the Jingdian Hanyu Gongjushu Daxi 经典汉语工具书大系.
Character Database
The Compendium contains a collection of over 440,000 entries for more than 100,000 distinct characters from the Chinese written language. These characters span several thousand years, ranging from everyday to ancient forms. The systematic compilation and preparation of individual characters enable easy and intuitive searchability across all datasets.
Dictionary Entries
In total, the Compendium features over 4.5 million explanations and records, encompassing more than 1.6 million individual entries. It is accompanied by over 2.5 million citations and references from historical and modern sources, both for individual characters and compound words. All entries are meticulously cross-referenced in multiple ways, ensuring easy accessibility.
Data Quality
The dictionaries of the Com­pen­di­um boast unparalleled quality in digital data processing. Key dictionaries, including the revised edition of Hanyu Da Cidian, are directly derived from raw print data, ensuring unparalleled accuracy. This distinctive feature lends the Compendium a high level of reliability, making it a trusted resource for comprehensive referencing in scientific publications.


The Application

Clear & Organized.
The newly digitized and carefully processed reference works and databases impress with their thoughtful organization and exceptional clarity.
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Searching for characters has never been this straightforward. Alongside standard search options like pronunciation, radical, or stroke sequences, a versatile component search with multiple precision levels is also available.
The application is tailored for numerous screen formats and can be conveniently saved and used as a web app on mobile devices.


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For universities, schools, and institutions of all types, the Compendium offers customized memberships with individually tailored user numbers and contract periods. The application allows user authentication via e-mail domain identification or popular SSO (Single Sign-On) systems such as Shibboleth to provide members with the easiest possible access to the Compendium. Other authentication methods are also possible on individual request.